Considering that I’m a film major, it should come as no surprise to people that I see a lot of films (though still not as many as I’d like, unfortunately). Every once in a while a write a review of one for the blog, but these reviews generally represent only a small fraction of the movies I actually see. Down below you’ll find all of the reviews I’ve posted on this blog.

Long Reviews

Slumdog Millionaire
‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is a fantastic film that very few people are seeing. You should probably get on that.

I Am Legend
It’s a good movie so long as you follow the instructions I give to the letter. This review also contains a screed against audience testing and a link to the alternative ending.

Once Upon a Time in the West
“Once Upon a Time in the West” is the greatest Western ever made. This is a fact.

Not so much a review as an in-depth discussion of one scene, which underscores just how talented the people at Pixar are. Scroll down past the bullet-points to reach the review.

My Kid Could Paint That
A compelling documentary about the apparent child prodigy Marla Olmstead. I saw this at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2007.

In the Shadow of the Moon
Another documentary I saw at VIFF 2007. I am apparently the only person on Earth who didn’t like this.

Radio Star
A fantastic Korean comedy I saw at VIFF 2007. Highly recommended. Scroll down past the review of “In the Shadow of the Moon” to read it.

The Films of Matthew Kennedy
A show I saw at the Winnipeg Film Group consisting of projects by a local filmmaker. Also included is a review of “Red Men Rising”, a fantastic short film by another member of the WFG.

Creature From the Black Lagoon
I saw this at the Winnipeg Film Group in the original 3D. It was a thing of beauty.

My non-committal review of ‘300’. I also complain about the politics of the story for awhile.

Spider-Man 3
My (futile) attempt to fix the trainwreck that was Spider-Man 3. I’d like to note that I’ve actually gone out of my way to avoid seeing this mess again.

Superman: The Max Fleischer Cartoons
Part One series of reviews on the old Max Fleischer Superman shorts, which are incredible to behold. I swear I will finish these one day.

Superman: The Max Fleischer Cartoons, Part Two
Part Two, with robots!

Short Reviews

The Dark Knight
My one-line review of “The Dark Knight”. It’s all that needed to be said.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
I enjoyed this movie more than I should have. I’m not going to pretend it’s any good, but goddamn if it wasn’t fun.

Burial Ground: A Night of Terror
A few words on an obscure Italian horror film. It’s because of things like this that my friend Angie isn’t allowed to pick films for movie night anymore.

A few complaints about the Michael Bay film.

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