General Posts

A collection of some of my favourite blog posts from the history of the blog, including essays I’ve written and lives I’ve crushed. These are all somewhat hard to categorize.

“Great Canadian Questions” Essay
Here’s my winning entry to an essay contest sponsored by The Dominion Institute. As a whole, I feel it turned out pretty well.

Failures in Book Binding
I found a copy of ‘The Prestige’ with a terrible cover. A cover so terrible, in fact, that I felt compelled to write a long blog post decrying it. That’s pretty terrible.

New Holidays
How does an atheist deal with the inherently religious background of most holidays? By getting creative.

The Use of ‘They’
A bizarre grammar-related post in which I argue for the use of “they” as a neuter singular term. This is one of those things I care about that no normal person should.

Adventures in Science
A trio of scientific tidbits and ideas. WordPress commonly suggests this as a related article on one of XKCD’s blogposts due to the content.

Return of Wordsworth
Sometime after slandering William Wordsworth (see “Fake History” below) someone started contacting me about the post. Things got strange.

Good Luck in the Year 52,000
If you could send a message in a bottle 50,000 years in the future, what would you say?

Your Mom
No, your mom.

Pirates of Pevensy
I spent a year in England on an exchange program, having many bizarre adventures as a result. This is one.

East Coast Posts

I grew up in the Maritimes of Canada, and every once in awhile I feel the need to wax nostalgically about my time there. Here’s a collection of some of the longer posts I’ve done on the subject.

The League of Something Dammit
A long post explaining the origin of The League, which comprises most of my closest friends from the east. We are impossibly lame.

Old Homes, Old Friends and Comic Books
In which I explain how the way I relate to people is often filtered through a bizarre pop-culture lens.

The Saddest Song in the World
A post where I talk about how, due to the power of association, I find “Summer of ’69” to be the saddest song on Earth.

Fake History

Sometimes, for no particular reason, I am compelled to falsify history. It is my dream that one day, these lies will be codified in legitimate history books.

Why I Hate William Wordsworth
William Wordsworth is a son of a bitch. Learn why here.

Martin Van Buren: America’s Meanest President
As this post will attest to, I watch a lot of ‘Seinfeld’.

True Tales of The Beatles
One of my favourite pieces of trivia is that “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” was a contributing factor to Brian Wilson’s mental breakdown. Here, I take this to it’s logical conclusion.

Comic Books

As many people know, I’m a huge fan of comic books. What’s more, I’m a huge fan of talking about them. As a result, I blog about them a lot. You can read some of my major posts on the subject here.

50 Fantastic Things from Comics
An internet meme I filled out on things I love about comic books.

Galactus: I Have Heard The Word!
I ask you, dear reader; have you heard the Good News?

In which I answer any number of important questions on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

A Ninja Turtles Christmas
A post on an old Ninja Turtle’s Christmas Special, which will forever be known as the best thing.

Animal Man & Coyote Jesus
A post on one of the best issues of ‘Animal Man’, from Grant Morrison’s incredible run.

Scott Pilgrim!
‘Scott Pilgrim’ is a fantastic series from Oni Press, by Canadian cartoonist Brian Lee O’Malley. You should buy twelve copies.

The Fantastic Four on Film
In which I craft the best Fantastic Four movie imaginable.

The Flash: A Retrospective
A semi-serious (and kinda embarrassing) post about the various men to take up the mantle of The Flash.

Captain America is Dead
Another slightly embarrassing post, about the death of Captain America.

Sprite Comics

One of those embarrassing things I used to do is make sprite comics (mainly because I didn’t have the artistic talent to make real comics). Even worse, I inflicted them upon the world using my blog. You can find my comics here, if for some reason you want to read them.

Calling Danielle
Danielle worked at a call center for awhile. I constantly threatened to harass her.

Animal Man Sprite Sheet
I made a bunch of Animal Man sprites in the lead-up to a Penny Arcade Forum contest. You can see them here.

Animal Man: Character Intro
My first entry into the Penny Arcade Contest. Everyone had to pick a comic book character and do a one-page comic introducing them to the other contestants.

Animal Man VS Shadowcat
Battle One! My opponent, who was playing Shadowcat, never finished his entry. This established a bad precedent.

Animal Man VS The Punisher
Battle Two! Once again, my opponent fails to show, leading to a default win.

Animal Man VS Captain America
Battle Three! The contest was canceled after this due to low participation; maybe 60% of the entrants actually submitted their comics.


A few short stories I’ve posted on the blog. Most of these are godawful. I need to start posting more/better work to balance it out.

My bizarre campaign for a newspaper-related position. I actually kind of like this one.

Jack Strange: Peril of the Particle Accelerator
I swear I wrote a second part to this, but I can’t find it anywhere.

A lame, lame thing I wrote back in England. Ugh.


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