Free Music Monday

July 7, 2009 at 3:53 am 1 comment

Do you like free things? The RIAA got you down? Looking for impossible levels of hipster cred? Then good news; the internet is full of indie groups for you.

As someone who likes having a large library of music but generally doesn’t go in for illegal downloading shenanigans, internet indie performers and bands have been a boon for me. They’re a great source of good (or at least good-ish) music, provided you can find them. With that in mind, I’m here to tell you about an indie performer I’ve found recently who’s music is pretty damn good.

Kupek is a band consisting of one man, Bryan Lee O’Malley (whom you might recognize as the genius behind to Scott Pilgrim series). Besides supplying the world with one of the best comic book series of modern times, O’Malley also records music and gives it away just because it’s fun. I hear he does live shows, too.

Kupek’s 5.5 albums (one is a collab) can be found and downloaded here. But just so you don’t have to trudge through all 83 tracks (wow, that’s a lot), here’s some of the highlights:

Don’t Bother, from the album Tries Again.
Fun Fact: This was used in the soundtrack of the film One Week, which I had a chance to see for free and then didn’t. Oops.

Donut Lagoon, from the album Tries Again.
Wherein O’Malley establishes his nerd cred by causally referencing Raccoon Tail power-ups in a song.

Are You Ready to Go, from the album Awkward Songs.
One of the many mostly-acoustic numbers from Kupek. I really dig the long pauses between certain lines.

Cough Drops, from the album B is for Bupek.
Considering the summer I’ve been having, I identify pretty strongly with this one. See if you can tell why!

She’s an Invalid, from the album B is for Bupek.
Parts of the song (particularly the repeated stuttering) are kinda hokey, but as a whole I like the tempo and structure of this one.

I had a really had time narrowing that down to just five songs, and an even harder time spreading those five out between several albums. Just so you know? Pretty much all of “B is for Bupek” is ace. You should probably listen to the whole thing.

Happy listening, guys.


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  • 1. jon  |  July 8, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    this isnt about me at all


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