January 6, 2009 at 2:01 am 1 comment

Vancouver is fantastic.

When I left Winnipeg the temperature had warmed up, a comparatively pleasant -14C rather than the -40C that had come before. Unfortunately this shift was accompanied by a deluge of snow that delayed my plane for two hours. When I finally managed to board we had to spend another half-hour waiting while crews sprayed the plane down with some kind of de-icing agent. I marked it down as one last fuck-you from the City on the Edge of Hell.

I was seated in the emergency exit row. Halfway through the flight I was struck by the urge to rip the door from the wall and leap from the plane after it. It was my hope that, in the fleeting moments before I died, I would finally live again.

Instead I counted to ten, breathed deeply and cradled one of those small plastic cups they give you with your drink.

All considered, I think I handled my time in Winnipeg well.


Right now Vancouver is covered in a thick layer of snow. This is highly unusual, considering snow rarely falls here and when it does it always seems to be gone within a few hours. Winnipeg was covered in snow too, but in the mid-west we only ever get the dry, flaky kind of snow which gets in your way and does little else. Here the snow is soaking wet and great for packing.

Last night Alyssa, Ray and I went for a walk. It was snowing again, and Ray and I were pelting each other with snowballs. I got the idea that we should go sledding, so we grabbed some lunch trays from the Student Union Building and took them to a nearby hill. Going was tough at first, but after a few runs we had forged some good paths and were getting a lot of speed.

“We’re heroes,” I told Ray. “Tomorrow people are going to find these paths made for them, and they’ll know what they have to do”. We left the lunch trays stuck in a make-shift monument, ready for anyone who came by to take them and use them.

This is what I love about Vancouver. There’s adventure (and fellow adventurers) everywhere, so long as you’re willing to go out to look for it. There’s just never any reason to be bored or lonely in this city.


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  • 1. Dani  |  January 7, 2009 at 1:56 am

    Glorious. Truly future generations will looks back upon your alter of sledding and know that Gods once walked the streets of Vancouver.
    That sounds like so much fun. :D


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