No Wii-Related Puns, I Promise

December 16, 2008 at 7:02 pm Leave a comment

So, three years after it came out, the Wii is still pretty difficult to get. It’s been selling out around the city, and you’re lucky to grab one if you can.

However, I didn’t realize how desperate people were to get them until yesterday. I was in an EB Games doing some Christmas shopping while a woman was buying a Wii. The clerks congratulated her because it was their last one and they were unlikely to get more in. Apparently she had rushed in as soon as she found out EB had got them in, and arrived just in time.

The clerks were trying to ring up her order, but there was some kind of problem and they ended up taking a long time. Frustrated, the woman finally told them “Look, just so you know, I think I’m in labor”.

I looked over. She was very obviously pregnant. It seemed incredibly likely that this woman was giving birth right now.

This was a woman who wanted her Wii.

On one hand I find it hard to imagine why, having gone into labor and found a Wii more-or-less simultaneously, this woman would rush to the store rather than the hospital. On the other hand, she probably wasn’t going to get this opportunity again.

Sometimes you do what you have to, I guess.


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