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Cut-off Date

This marks the cut-off date for original content at “Milkshakes & Dinosaurs”. All posts older then this are culled from my old and now-defunct blog “There Shan’t Be Wit”. Just a heads up, guys.


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Shocking News!

Just a quick heads-up to you guys that, in a few days, this blog is closing it’s doors forever. Keep tuned for more information.

Editor’s Note: This refers to my old blog, “There Shan’t Be Wit”, not this one. Don’t get confused!

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Life at Home

So, my forays into Youtube remain completely unsuccessful. I really don’t know what to do about this, except possibly consult with Jeff when I get back to Vancouver. However, consulting with Jeff tends to be unpleasant.


One of the things living away from home does is give you perspective on just how strange life at home is. For example, did you know there are no desks in this house? It’s crazy. I’d like a desk. I even asked for one a few times when I lived here. There’s no good reason for this to be.

I brought my desktop back in order to get some work down, and I had to set it up on top of a cabinet in the living room. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to actually do any work, since I’m sitting with my back exposed to the entire room and I find it impossible to do any serious writing when out in the open with the computer screen available for all to see. I tend to be very touchy about people reading over my shoulder, and about people reading my work uninvited, so this set-up creates a sort of perfect storm where I can’t actually accomplish anything.

In a related note, I find it very uncomfortable to read in my room, because if I try to sit on my bed and lean against the wall my bed rolls away. My bed is on wheels, you see. There’s also no good reason for this to be.

It’s little things like this, taken in aggregate, that make it impossible to live here for any length of time. I need to figure out what I’m doing next summer.

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A Quick Question

Question: Does anyone know what’s up with uploading videos to Youtube? I’ve been trying to upload a 200mb video and it’s been taking hours. I’m not even sure if it’s actually doing anything at this point.

In other news, I’m back on track with a major blogging project I had put on hold for months. It should be finished by the end of the month. Expect any number of exciting things in the future, people.

Editor’s Note: That “major blogging project” was of course Milkshakes & Dinosaurs, which you are reading now. It’s shocking to see this thing finally launched.

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No Wii-Related Puns, I Promise

So, three years after it came out, the Wii is still pretty difficult to get. It’s been selling out around the city, and you’re lucky to grab one if you can.

However, I didn’t realize how desperate people were to get them until yesterday. I was in an EB Games doing some Christmas shopping while a woman was buying a Wii. The clerks congratulated her because it was their last one and they were unlikely to get more in. Apparently she had rushed in as soon as she found out EB had got them in, and arrived just in time.

The clerks were trying to ring up her order, but there was some kind of problem and they ended up taking a long time. Frustrated, the woman finally told them “Look, just so you know, I think I’m in labor”.

I looked over. She was very obviously pregnant. It seemed incredibly likely that this woman was giving birth right now.

This was a woman who wanted her Wii.

On one hand I find it hard to imagine why, having gone into labor and found a Wii more-or-less simultaneously, this woman would rush to the store rather than the hospital. On the other hand, she probably wasn’t going to get this opportunity again.

Sometimes you do what you have to, I guess.

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Home, where my music’s playing…

Well, I’m home now. It’s okay, except the door to my room doesn’t close. I have to sort of wedge my duffel bag underneath the door to keep it from sliding open.

Also, it is cold as fuck outside.

Seriously. Yesterday it was -37 degrees. The kind of freezing where it loops past ‘cold’ and you end up with this terrible burning feeling. I cannot leave the house because any attempt to go places would result in me freezing to death. I’m sure as hell not waiting at a bus-stop for anything.

So I’m stuck in the house, and need to find things to do.

It’s super exciting.

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That’s It

Okay, kids, here are the haps.

In a lot of ways, it’s been a shitty year. Very little good has come out of it for me. I’m not going to get into it; anyone who cares to know probably already does.

As of yesterday, though, it is for all intents and purposes done. I finished my last exam, and I have no real responsibilities for the rest of 2008.

There’s a lot of people I’ve put through shit I shouldn’t have, or haven’t kept up with as well as I could have. This blog is largely a way to keep in touch with the League, and by not updating regularly I’m cutting you guys out of my life. I’m really sorry, guys; I just haven’t had a lot of happy things to write about.

Right now, I have about three, four weeks where I don’t have to do anything. I can use this time to recover and get things back on track. If anyone has any suggestions for stuff I should be doing, I’d love to hear them. Some options (mostly mutually exclusive) I’ve been floating;

1) Drop a class next term and do an internship somewhere in the film industry
2) Take a fun elective
3) Drop out, run away, wander the Earth like Caine from “Kung Fu”
4) Don’t do any more than I have to, take it easy for awhile.

There’s a lot of problems with all of these options. I’d be happy if people could come out with something better. Another major problem is that I feel I’ve been lacking long-term goals. As such, I’m going to ask people to suggest things I could be working to, places I could be going, skills I could be developing, anything that would give me some direction in life.

Good luck, kids. I’m counting on you.

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