Directing and Blogging: A Winning Combination

November 11, 2008 at 11:53 pm Leave a comment

Something odd that I’ve noticed recently is that I get very intense while directing. Under normal circumstances I tend to be fairly laid back and just sort of going with the flow, usually to the point of procrastination. But get me behind a movie camera and all of a sudden I’ll be snapping off orders for lighting set-ups and working without pause to try and get as many shots and set-ups done as possible. Also, I use the word “sweet” a lot.

It’s kinda weird.

In other news, I find it really strange the kind of hits I get on this blog sometimes. I don’t really advertise this thing or tag my posts in any meaningful way, so I always find it interesting when people I don’t know leave comments. We’re all familiar with that Wordsworth guy, of course. And just a little while ago my post about the fish got a comment from some guy in Houston. He suggested it looked like a “Roger Dean Fish”. I have no idea what this means.

My friend Alyssa has this same problem, but much worse; her personal blog, aimed at her family and friends, has a host of regular readers from places she’s never been to (including, I believe, Rochester, New York).

How do people find these random blogs? Why do they read them? What’s so interesting about the minutiae of a complete strangers life?

If there’s any lurkers reading this right now, please go ahead and answer in the comments. I imagine it would be quite interesting.


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