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TV Shows!

I had problems, and then watching Arrested Development made them better.

Unfortunately, I’m almost done watching the last season. I need to find a more long-term solution.


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In Which I Describe People I Know in Terms of "The Cheese to my Macaroni"

Alyssa Brandt is the Seinfeld to my Kramer.
Danielle Brown is the Butch Cassidy to my Sundance Kid.
Mitchell Crouse is the René Belloq to my Indiana Jones.
Stephen Lawless is the John Lennon to our Rest of the Beatles.

Ruhi Patel is the Montresor to my Fortunato.
Jonathan Rushton is the Luke Cage to my Danny Rand.


In other news, I’ve failed to do any real blogging lately. Oops.

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I Worry About Strange Things

You know, I’m a bit of a stickler about book-binding. If I’m going out of my way to buy a book to add to my collection, it shouldn’t look like ass. It’s a pretty basic thing, and it’s not a problem very often. However, the other day I needed to pick up “The Prestige” for class, and I ended up not buying it because of how downright hideous it was.

Gaze upon it and despair

Now, there’s a lot of things wrong with this. I’ve never been a fan of books that announce “Soon to be a Major Motion Picture” or something similar on the cover. It’s tacky, and those editions end up looking incredibly dated. Most of the time, though, the movie announcement is just a little seal in the corner that can be ignored. Here, it takes up about 1/4 of the cover.

What is this shit? Who needs to know there’s a movie that badly? Why are the words “Fall 2006” so damn big, bigger even than the authors name? Is ‘Fall 2006’ really such important information? Does it really need to be conveyed with such huge-ass font?

Another major problem is the lack of symmetry. The top of the page has the biggest text, and then it gets progressively smaller from there on out. The whole cover is unbalanced and ugly looking, as if the title were teetering on a stack of tiny words.

And of course, the order of the things is entirely arbitrary. Above-center is where you generally want to put the most important information, the title. But since the title is stacked so close to the top of the page, “Fall 2006” ends up falling closer to that space. Is “Fall 2006” the title? No? Then don’t put that shit there!

There’s a lot of other problems, but I’m going to focus on just one more; how utterly generic the cover is. Big words! Ominous glowing fog! Black! That’s…. that’s swell. Absolutely nothing about that sets it apart from nearly every other book on the shelf. If I didn’t already plan on buying to book, would this cover encourage me to do so? Would it suggest that this book is something new and exciting I should be reading, or does it suggest that it’s just another run-of-the-mill paperback that you’d buy at the airport and throw away after? Fuck, other than how hideous the design is, what sets it apart from other run-of-the-mill paperbacks?

So, despite needing to read the book for class, I haven’t bought a copy. I plan to go downtown and try to find a bookstore with a decently bound edition. This is how terrible the design is here; I’m willing to go half-an-hour out of my way to find a different edition, because this one looks so bad.

What we’ve learned here is that how you package your books is important. Don’t be an idiot about it. Don’t make the same mistakes as the guy who designed the cover of “The Prestige”.

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Directing and Blogging: A Winning Combination

Something odd that I’ve noticed recently is that I get very intense while directing. Under normal circumstances I tend to be fairly laid back and just sort of going with the flow, usually to the point of procrastination. But get me behind a movie camera and all of a sudden I’ll be snapping off orders for lighting set-ups and working without pause to try and get as many shots and set-ups done as possible. Also, I use the word “sweet” a lot.

It’s kinda weird.

In other news, I find it really strange the kind of hits I get on this blog sometimes. I don’t really advertise this thing or tag my posts in any meaningful way, so I always find it interesting when people I don’t know leave comments. We’re all familiar with that Wordsworth guy, of course. And just a little while ago my post about the fish got a comment from some guy in Houston. He suggested it looked like a “Roger Dean Fish”. I have no idea what this means.

My friend Alyssa has this same problem, but much worse; her personal blog, aimed at her family and friends, has a host of regular readers from places she’s never been to (including, I believe, Rochester, New York).

How do people find these random blogs? Why do they read them? What’s so interesting about the minutiae of a complete strangers life?

If there’s any lurkers reading this right now, please go ahead and answer in the comments. I imagine it would be quite interesting.

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