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Random Thought

Before getting into the Film Program, I never drank in the middle of the day.

Industry functions are weird.


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Politics and Film, like Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Stephane Dion, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, was on campus today doing a question and answer session. Being the active political junkie I am, I had to go. It was a decent event; I expected there to be more plant questions from the audience, but the majority seemed to be authentic. A few were downright rambling and insane (one student asked why citizens shouldn’t form their own rival governments and implied Canada should be a theocracy). I appreciate the event being less orchestrated than it may have been.

But of course, the trade-off for not screening the audience is that sometimes you get questions you don’t know how to answer. Dion spent most of the night flipping through a book on the Liberal Party platform trying to figure out how to respond; not just for specific figures, but even for basic policy positions. It came off as really amateurish; Dion didn’t appear to remember the stances he was supposed to have on any number of issues. At least a few times he avoided answering the question at all, instead making a mad verbal dash for the safety of the Green Shift. Indeed, to here Dion talk it would seem like that was the only policy they were proposing; nearly every answer was somehow tied into Green Shift plan and how it will make us all richer, healthier, and sexier (the latter is conjecture).

Overall the evening seemed to reinforce the stereotypes people have of Dion; he’s a decent enough guy, and likable in a goofy kind of way (his broken English, like when he didn’t know the word for ‘half’ and instead said ‘twice less’, was adorable), but he doesn’t seem to be any sort of decisive leader. He seemed unwilling to take a stance on anything not explicitly stated in the party platform; towards the end of the Q&A he started holding the platform book up and insisting that it was all in there in lieu of answering things thoroughly.

For strategic reasons I plan on voting Liberal anyway (this is a close riding, and no one wants to risk a Conservative majority) but it’s kind of disappointing that it’s just for strategic reasons and I can’t be enthusiastic about my vote. It will be interesting to see how things go with the internal structure of the Liberals after this election; if they don’t manage to form a minority coalition (and polls suggest they won’t) there’s going to be a lot of long, hard contemplation about why they can’t get back on top.


The first “Film-A-Week” was filmed on Sunday down at the library. We got great weather (clouded over to remove shadows) and managed to wrap in two hours. Towards the end of the shoot, some guy with a bunch of photography equipment and two Asian girls came up to us and asked us if we’d be much longer because he needed a nearby fountain for a photo-shoot.

Sure enough, as we were packing up, he set up his camera gear and had the Asian girls climb into the fountain while he took pictures. It was mildly creepy.

In other news, I got to make a big bucket of fake blood for the shoot. We were worried it would stain the pavement but after throwing a few buckets of water on it things were fine. I went back yesterday and all the blood seems to be gone, so now we don’t have to worry about Administration finding out and cracking down on us.


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The Worst of the Worst Ideas

I have officially embarked on the most ill-advised project ever.

One night over the summer, while doing a marathon listening of Jonathan Coulton’s Thing-A-Week Podcast, I started wondering what it would take to do a weekly film project. I quickly dismissed the idea; it would be ridiculously impractical and time-consuming, and involve a ridiculous degree of people and props to pull off. No point in trying.

Somewhat amused by the whole thing, I later told my friend Jeff “I had the worst idea the other day…”

Thirty minutes later, we had agreed to see the project through to the end.

So, in what can only be called ‘complete stupidity’, we’ve begun our Film-A-Week project. We have a few weeks of planning and pre-production scheduled; starting around the end of October, however, you can expect to start seeing a new movie every week done by yours truly and an assortment of friends and well-wishers. The goal is to do this for an entire year.

52 weeks. 52 movies.

My god. What have I done.


In other news, I discovered my mutant power yesterday. It turns out I’ve had an active X-Gene all this time, but it only comes up in limited scenarios.

Limited, yet awesome, scenarios.

Looks like someone is transferring to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters next year.

Editor’s Note: Later, the “Film-a-Week” project would more or less collapse after a few set-backs and reality setting it. I don’t think me and Jeff officially called it off, though. I should probably talk to him about it.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Linux

So, my laptop runs Linux now.

This is not my fault. It was not my choice. In fact, it was entirely an accident.

As longtime readers will know, my computer was experiencing all sorts of problems awhile ago. I took it back with me to Winnipeg so my dad (a huge computer geek) could fix it. It turned out his fix was to install Linux.

In what can only be deemed ‘the world’s greatest tragedy’, this resulted in all my music being deleted. Also, I keep having inexplicable problems where it won’t connect to the internet over ethernet. My printer no longer works and any number of programs no longer run.

On the upside, running Linux gives me all sorts of Indie cred. I’m suddenly +10 Cool because my Operating System is open-source and non-standard. So that’s nice.

Oh, and I guess I’m updating my blog again now that my computer is fixed. We’ll see how that goes.

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