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(Note: After writing this post, it occurred to me that it would be of no interest to anyone. You might just want to skip it and re-read the “SCIENCE!” post directly below)

(Seriously. This is so lame)

So awhile ago my friend Ben (whom I’ll have to tell you guys all about someday) did one of those surveys on Facebook where you create a soundtrack for your life. Considering I’m a huge film geek and love making soundtracks, this seemed like the perfect project for me. The results? Let’s take a look:

Opening Credits:
The 59th Street Bridge Song ~ Simon and Garfunkel

This one was hard to pick, and I’m not entirely sure I’m satisfied with it, but overall I think it’s good. Something light, upbeat, optimistic; I often find myself singing this when I walk place to place. Let’s go with it.

Waking Up:
Here Comes the Sun ~ The Beatles

I tried to keep this list from getting stacked with Beatles songs, but I do have a few on here. This is actually pretty straightforward; all about the sun coming up and better things ahead.

Falling In Love:
Starstruck ~ The Kinks
OR Geeks in Love ~ Lemon Demon

‘Starstruck’ is more about falling in love with a wild lifestyle, but it seems to match my real-life experiences of falling in love pretty closely. It’s only happened once, I got in way over my head, and ended up pretty messed up for awhile because of it. This is a story only my friend Alyssa and Dani knows, though I don’t think Dani knows she knows it.

Other than that, I’ve also had a lot of crushes of varying severity. ‘Geeks in Love’ is pretty much my idealized relationship; one where I find someone willing to talk at length about ridiculously nerdy things like space lasers. At the moment, I’m doing pretty well in that regard.

Fight Song:
The Will of One ~ The Protomen
OR Tribute ~ Tenacious D

For those who don’t know; “The Protomen” is both the name of the band and their first album, which is best described as a rock opera about Mega Man. In ‘The Will of One’, Mega Man vows to defeat the robots who have enslaved humanity in a dystopian future, one in which humanity may already be beyond redemption.

As a fan of dystopian little and robot fighting, I find this incredibly appealing.

‘Tribute’, meanwhile, is about a couple of musicians who defeat a demon by playing the greatest rock song in the world. Longtime friends and readers will understand why I like the idea of victory through the power of rock.

Depending on the situation (and how serious it was), I can see either making a kickin’ fight song.

Breaking Up:
Long, Long, Long ~ The Beatles
OR Famous Blue Raincoat ~ Leonard Cohen
OR Brown Eyed Girl ~ Van Morrison

All of these songs are about literal break-ups, though in different senses. ‘Long, Long, Long’ is a slow, slightly sad song about losing someone and potentially getting them back, though this could just be wishful thinking. It also has some nice piano. ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’, meanwhile, is about maintaining a strained relationship after infidelity. And ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ is happy reminiscing about good times gone forever. Again, depending on the situation any of them could fit.

Pet Sounds ~ The Beach Boys

A fantastic instrumental piece from the Beach Boy’s best album, also called “Pet Sounds”. Has a slightly trippy, otherworldly quality to it that I enjoy.

Prom night:
Don’t Stop me Now ~ Queen

Surely I’m not the only one for whom prom wasn’t a big deal, right? This song choice is intended for if prom was like the movies, rather than my real-life experiences.

Sunny Afternoon ~ The Kinks
OR Fine ~ Lemon Demon
OR On the Run ~ Pink Floyd

The first two songs combine optimism with my darker, more cynical streak. ‘Sunny Afternoon’ is about getting by despite life’s problems, and ‘Fine’ is an upbeat tune littered with violent imagery.

‘On the Run’, on the other hand, is pretty much straight-up cynicism. It’s included for when I can’t shake the feeling that I’ll never make anything of my life.

Mental Breakdown:
1995 Penny ~ The Fine Print
OR Sloop John B ~ The Beach Boys
OR Brain Damage ~ Pink Floyd

This list probably won’t make sense to anyone as the choices aren’t that logical; but then, mental breakdowns rarely are. ‘Sloop John B’ in particular is an odd choice, since it’s a catchy little ditty about a bad boat trip. Like many of the songs on this list, it only makes sense in the context of a scene for a movie I’d like to do which I’ve only ever told Dani about.

‘Brain Damage’, on the other hand, is pretty self-evident. I especially love the line “there’s someone in my head and it’s not me.”

The Ballad of John and Yoko ~ The Beatles

Another “this only makes sense in the context of a movie I’d like to do”. We might be best just moving on.

Strawberry Fields Forever ~ The Beatles

‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is pretty much my favourite song of all time, and it has this great dreamlike quality that would lend itself well to a flashback.

Getting Back Together:
Hey Jupiter ~ Tori Amos
OR Kyle Quit the Band ~ Tenacious D

‘Hey Jupiter’ is a melancholy song for when you need someone to lean on; you know, that kind of ‘getting back together.

‘Kyle Quit the Band’, on the other hand, is for the badass kind of reunion where you and the old gang reunite for one last mission. If the League were to do a final heist/project/save the world, it would be to this tune.

Hey Jude ~ The Beatles

This is cliche, right? I can’t think of anything more cliche. Or anything more appropriate, really.

Let’s just move on with our lives.

Birth of Child:
Sea of Love ~ Cat Power

This, I mean… jeesh. I’m not even qualified to pick a song for this. What the fuck do I know about childbirth?

I’m just going to go with ‘Sea of Love’ and leave it at that.

Final Battle:
Video Killed the Radio Star ~ Buggles (as covered by Reel Big Fish)

Another choice that makes the most sense in the context of a story idea I had, in this case a League story I’ve talked to Dani about and should probably mention to Stephen and Jon sometime.

Beyond that, I love ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ and feel it would be thematically appropriate to fall in battle to a song eulogizing the end of an era. It would make a hell of a way to climax a movie.

Ending Medley of ‘Abbey Road’ (Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/The End) ~ The Beatles

I want to make it clear right now; “Abbey Road” is the greatest album ever crafted by mortal hands. Of particular note is the B Side, in which songs blend together to form a massive, three-act super medley.

Rather than rant further about this, I’m just going to demand you all go out and listen to “Abbey Road”. Why it is thematically appropriate should make itself clear.

Final Credits:
American Pie ~ Don McLean

Man, this is tough. It’s the end, the credits are rolling, and you have to pick a song to summarize not just the movie but your entire life. What do you go with?

‘American Pie’, that’s what. An epic eight-minute song that covers nearly the entire emotional spectrum (from youthful frivolity to righteous fury) and discusses growing up and the evolution of rock and roll in a series of extended metaphors.

Besides encompassing nearly every aspect of life worth discussing (an amazing feat, to be sure), this is another pick that has resonance in terms of “a movie idea I have that only Dani knows about”. So I guess there’s that.


Sheesh, this list seems so pointless and self-indulgent. I’m sorry for wasting your time, people.

Also, out of seventeen categories, I used eight Beatles songs (three of which are for the funeral scene). Nice.


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