Adventures in Phone Ownership

March 1, 2008 at 12:28 am Leave a comment

By jacket started ringing the other day. This is quite bizarre, because by all accounts there should be nothing in it that does that.

I investigated a found a phone inside, which raises even more troubling questions as I do not own a phone. I asked who’s it was, an everyone in the room responded with the sort of half-smirk that shows you’re trying to hide a hilarious little secret.

Eventually, though, the truth would come out. It was mine.


Basically what happened here is that, for the entire year, my friends have been harassing me to get a phone, and I’ve kept refusing. It seems that when I left for a week, they took the opportunity to conspire and purchase a phone for me, then sneak it into my jacket when I wasn’t looking (on the theory that a more straight-forward method of delivery would have led me to reject it).

Clearly, I have awesome friends. Anyone group that would get together to get you a phone for a (late) birthday present is clearly pretty classy. But for some reason they all think I secretly hate it. *sigh*

Life is weird, but at least it has some fantastic people in it.


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