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In Which I Trip on Roads

It is now the fourteenth of March. I have until the end of the month to shoot a five-minute film and submit it as part of a portfolio to try and get into the Film Production program. There’s 20 seats in the program, and 100 applicants.

I have no idea what I’m doing.

Things are looking less than stellar right now? Gah.


Also, I’m apparently going on a road-trip to Seattle this weekend. I’m not sure how this happened. At all.

Life is confusing sometimes.


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Never Gonna Let You Down

Oh my god. The most wonderful thing happened the other day. The campus newspaper was having big staff meeting, and… I can’t even say it. Just read the e-mail I got about the meeting a few hours ago.


As you likely know, due to previous emails, there was a meeting today, discussing changes to the duties of editorial positions, and in fact possible additions of editorial positions.

I was present at the meeting today, but had to leave in the middle due to class. Thus, I inquired as to whether I could leave my recorder present in the room, to act as my surrogate ears. That is, so I could listen to the discourse later. Assent was given, and there were no objections. So I turned my recorder on, and left.

Some hours later, I returned to reclaim my recorder. Imagine my surprise when I hit the playback, only to be regaled with the dulcet tones of Rick Astley. WE’RE NO STRANGERS TO LOVE….YOU KNOW THE RULES, AND SO DO I.

Yes, that’s right.

I had gotten rickrolled.

It is inconceivable for this to have been a mere accident. Nay, I say thee nay. This was clearly a deliberate action.

So, I feel that in good conscience, I must warn potential victims. If the Ubyssey is willing to commit such base treachery as the rickroll, what aren’t they capable of?

While I don’t yet know who is responsible for the rickroll, rest assured, I will find out. And then…the perpetrators will discover what happens when you rick the wrong person’s roll.

You have been warned.

That is all.

Vengefully yours,


P.S. – Rickroll = serious business.


Greatest Rickroll Ever

I was going to complain about my future today, but I’ll leave that to another post. This was too good to pass up.

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It rained today.

This may not seem significant; it rains all the time in Vancouver, after all. Why should this bear any special mention?

It’s very simple. This was no mere rain. This was the wrath of the gods.

To give some idea of how terrible it was, realize this; I nearly drowned on solid land. The rain came down so hard and thick that my hair was saturated and torrents started streaming down my face and into my nose and mouth. My jacket and clothes were soaked through as if I had jumped into the ocean. The cold bit, the wind shook, the rain hammered. It was as if the sky and the seas had conspired and joined to destroy the earth.

So, yeah, it was bad. The weather in Vancouver tends to be pretty awful. One of the things you have to put up with living here, I guess. I can be thankful for one thing; at least it’s not Winnipeg.


Fun Fact: My entire future rests on what I do in the next month.


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Adventures in Phone Ownership

By jacket started ringing the other day. This is quite bizarre, because by all accounts there should be nothing in it that does that.

I investigated a found a phone inside, which raises even more troubling questions as I do not own a phone. I asked who’s it was, an everyone in the room responded with the sort of half-smirk that shows you’re trying to hide a hilarious little secret.

Eventually, though, the truth would come out. It was mine.


Basically what happened here is that, for the entire year, my friends have been harassing me to get a phone, and I’ve kept refusing. It seems that when I left for a week, they took the opportunity to conspire and purchase a phone for me, then sneak it into my jacket when I wasn’t looking (on the theory that a more straight-forward method of delivery would have led me to reject it).

Clearly, I have awesome friends. Anyone group that would get together to get you a phone for a (late) birthday present is clearly pretty classy. But for some reason they all think I secretly hate it. *sigh*

Life is weird, but at least it has some fantastic people in it.

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