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Homeward Bound

So I’m sitting in an airport, waiting to go home. Orlando is the only airport I’ve found so far with free Wi-Fi. I find this suspicious.

There seem to be some misconceptions floating around about what I was doing with Florida. For the record, it was a family vacation, and we stayed with my grandparents in their condo. Suffice to say, this was not some sort of crazy university Spring Break vacation. I didn’t even want to go to Florida; I was lobbying for the Yukon.

The benefits of a family vacation in Orlando are, of course, trips to Disney. The entire experience can be defined with two choice comments I made at the time;

“We are going to ride the hell out of those teacups.”

“Do you ever wonder about the people in those suits?”

It was a lot of fun.


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Blogging in Exile

I am in Florida. I won’t be back until Monday night. I essentially have no internet until then.

…I probably should have mentioned this before I left. Oops.

Also; the title of my last post was a reference to The White Album by The Beatles; the first track of disc two is “Birthday”.

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Disc Two, Track One

So, today it’s my birthday. A bunch of us are going out for dinner and then hanging out afterwards. I have to say, this is a big step up from last year, in which I had to buy my own cake and only my friend Mitch* made time to hang out with me. It’s also a step up from the two years before that, where I basically did nothing.

Birthdays and I do not have a happy history. I’ll let you guys know how this one goes.

I wonder if anyone will get the reference in the subject of this post?

*There’s an interesting story surrounding this; Mitch had an essay due but insisted on going out to celebrate anyway. He ended up getting drunk and writing the entire essay at 6AM with a hangover, a mere two hours before it was due.

Two weeks later, when we got our essays back, he beat me by 1%. I never forgave him.

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The Saddest Song in the World

I think most people have a song which, completely divorced from the content of the song itself, moves them. It doesn’t matter what the song is about, or even if it’s any good; the context gives it more meaning than it could ever have on it’s own.

For me, “Summer of ’69” is the saddest song in the world.

Back when I lived in Amherst, my best friends were The League; Dani, Jon and Stephen. We hung out a lot, had crazy misadventures, generally enjoyed each others company. Then one day I found out I’d be moving away to Winnipeg, and it became clear that all that was going to end.

What followed was a golden summer where we were together essentially all of the time. I was happier than I’d ever been before, but the whole thing was tinged with a sense of melancholy, because I knew I’d be leaving soon.

One day Dani, Jon and I were waiting in line for a movie; we went to a lot of movies that summer. Dani had a new MP3 player she was excited about and was listening to it while we waited in line. Then, unexpectedly, she pulled off the headphones and turned to us;

“Here. Listen to this.”

It was Summer of ’69, by Byran Adams.

It’s easy to see how, given my state at the time, the song made a big impact on me. It’s about an incredible period, a period of good times (perhaps even the best times) that can never be repeated; the world has moved on since then, and can never be that way again.

A few weeks later I moved to Winnipeg, and spent the next few months miserable and lonely (I’d never been good at meeting people). I eventually made some friends, but it wasn’t until I went away to university that I ever became close to anyone again. For I long time I worried (but never really admitted) my happiest days were behind me. I grew past that feeling long ago, but whenever I hear that song I can’t help but be reminded of my last summer home, and the hard times that followed.

This has been an embarrassingly personal blog post.

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In Which I Lament

You may be wondering where I’ve been since I last posted. Simply put, my life has been completely and utterly consumed by film. To explain;

On both Saturday and Sunday I had to get up early in the morning (7:30 AM) to be cameraman on a production by the UBC film society. On both days we kept going until about 6:30 PM; I spent nearly the entire time standing or (for some particularly uncomfortable shots) crouching. Needless to say, this made me very tired.

But could I rest? No! For I still had to edit my own short, one-minute film for my Production class. Over the course of Monday and Tuesday I spent a good sixteen hours editing this thing; last night I stayed in the Editing Lab until 5 AM trying to get it perfect. The whole thing involved heavy use of sound effects, and they had to be very carefully synced to the track. I kept going back and redoing things in an effort to make them just a little bit better, never happy unless the results were perfect.

I want you to understand the magnitude of this. 16 hours of editing. For 1 minute of film.

After seeing all the other films aired today, I’m forced to conclude that I didn’t work hard enough.

There are some damn talented people in that class. I was really impressed by the quality of some of the camera work. To be honest, my film looks a little amateurish in comparison. I’m worried about what this means for my grade, but even more worried about what it means for my prospects trying to apply to the Film Program in a few months.

The only thing to do at this point is redouble my efforts. More planning, more filming, more editing. I fully plan to work until I’m blind if that’s what it comes to. When my next film project is done, I want that sucker to be so polished it slips out of your hands when you try to hold it.

I may be some time.

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Sleep is For the Weak, and the Tired

Shot my film for film class today. Got 20 minutes of footage and 23 minutes of extra sounds. The whole thing has to be one minute long.

This is going to be a lot of work to edit. Luckily, most of that 20 minutes is dead footage and retakes. I’ll post it on Youtube when I’m done so all of you can enjoy it.

In other news, I am very tired and behind on work. Sadly, these two problems have opposing solutions (more sleep and less sleep, respectively).

I blame the internet. But mainly myself. Le sigh.

Also! Opinions! Tomorrow night, should I participate in bowling or drunken Pictionary? These are both legitimate options, but also mutually exclusive.

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