Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC….

January 8, 2008 at 7:11 pm Leave a comment

So I’m back in Vancouver now, going to school and hanging out will all sorts of cool people. I’m glad to be back where the action is.

Getting here, however, was somewhat problematic. I was flying in a day before residence opened back up, so I needed a place to stay for the night. In the end my friend Angie offered to let me stay at her house, which is about 25 minutes from campus (and yet, she lives in residence anyway).

For context; Angie is the girl whose bed we stole awhile back, and she’s going to be living with us next year. She’s a very outdoorsy type who volunteers with a few different conservation projects.

One of those conservation projects meets on Saturday mornings, which is when my flight got in.

The end result was that, after getting up at 5AM to board a plane, and arriving in Vancouver at 8AM heavily jet-lagged, I was immediately dragged to some godforsaken bog to pull weeds all morning. “Paying rent” at Angie’s place apparently consists of toiling away killing invasive plants when you would much rather sleep.

After we got back to her place, I took an unexpected three-hour nap to recover.

And that’s the story of how I got back to Vancouver.


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