Exit Music for a Film

January 4, 2008 at 2:48 am Leave a comment

Sometimes, when I’m working on scripts, I make myself a little CD to listen to while I write. Why do I do this? Mainly because it helps me avoid actual writing. I’m a terrible procrastinator.

But anyway! The other reason I do it is because I like to have music playing that fits the mood and theme of what I’m working on. Some of the songs fit literally, others are thematic, and they (theoretically) help the writing process. Here’s the play list for the script I’m working on now:

1) Fly me to the Moon ~ Frank Sinatra
2) I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times ~ The Beach Boys
3) Neptune ~ Gustav Holst
4) Bad Moon Rising ~ Creedence Clearwater Revival
5) Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door ~ Guns and Roses
6) Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Part One) ~ Pink Floyd
7) ? ~ Lemon Demon
8) Famous Blue Raincoat ~ Leonard Cohen
9) Galaxy Song ~ Monty Python
10) Birdhouse in Your Soul ~ They Might Be Giants
11) When You Go ~ Jonathan Coulton
12) Fly Me to the Moon ~ Neon Genesis Evangelion version

Some notes:

-Special thanks to Dani for hooking me up with both versions of “Fly me to the Moon”
-“Neptune” is an instrumental piece, part of Holst’s famous “Planetary Suite”. It’s one of two and a half instrumental pieces on the CD.
-I’m actually not sure why “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” is on here. It just seemed to fit.
-“Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Part One)” is the ‘half instrumental’ I just mentioned. It’s also nearly long as the projected run-time of the film (the film should be roughly 15 minutes; the song is 13 min 40 sec)
-“?” is an unusual instrumental piece from Lemon Demon. I added it for it’s lullaby, dreamlike quality.
-Because of copyright issues pretty much none of these songs could actually be used in the film. However, Jonathan Coulton’s songs are covered under a Creative Commons license (essentially, I can use it for free if I give credit), so I plan to use “When You Go” for the end credits.

Given the contents of my nifty soundtrack, I invite you all to guess what you think the story is about. Get to it!

Editor’s Note: This playlist was for “Will Walker VS The Moon”, which turned out to be significantly shorter than the projected 15-minute runtime.


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