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This is the Worst Plan Ever

I have finally past through the gauntlet that is ‘end of term’, and my exams don’t start for another few days. It was a rough period, but it taught me something very important about myself:

I may be the biggest geek ever.

Now, the fact that I’m a huge geek has always been pretty apparent. I enjoy video games and comic books to an unusual degree*. I spend an inordinate amount of time on internet forums. I get the jokes in XKCD.

*For example, I once launched into a lengthy explanation of how any team made up of Batman, The Flash, and Green Lantern is invincible, and illustrated this point talking about how they could defeat God.

However, all of these things pale in comparison to what happened at end of term. I was writing a philosophy essay on Zeno’s Paradoxes, and was compelled to do two unforgivable things;

1) Get ridiculously excited about using mathematical proofs in the essay, and one point explaining to my incredulous friend Alyssa that “math is awesome”
2) Casually reference the Flying Spaghetti Monster in an academic paper

In doing these things, I have proved myself impossibly lame. I have no choice but to go west into the desert, wandering endlessly to absolve myself of this taint. Maybe while I’m out there I’ll do penance by becoming an avenging gunslinger, meting out justice from the end of a six-gun. That would be pretty cool.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes.


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