In Which I Fill out Forms

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I borrowed this form from a friend’s Facebook note; it’s cross-posted in my notes there, too.

I present to you: my year in review! (Kinda)

The Year 2007 in Review

1. Did you fall in love?
Does anybody?

2. Did you get any new friends?
Yes. They know who they are, and exactly how I feel about them (I have a tendency to tell my friends how great I think they are and how much they mean to me. It’s kind of weird?)
Also, I got flatmates for next year. Yay!

3. Did you start disliking someone?
I… don’t know? I think the answer is yes, but I don’t know who it would be. Do I dislike someone and not even know it?
Wait, nevermind, I remember. It’s Ruhi.

4. Did your heart get broken?
Not exactly, though there was a period of one week in which my head was broken. It was… complicated? Essentially I went crazy and stopped eating or sleeping. Though now that I think of it, being crazy is an entirely different thing from heartbreak. This answer really doesn’t apply to the question at all.

5. If you could change some thing about this past year, what would it be?
I’d like to say “nothing”, but that’s not really true. Essentially, I’d like the entire period mentioned in my last answer to never have happened. I can be a real idiot sometimes.
Now that I think of it, I actually screwed up a lot last year.

6. Did anyone close to you give birth?
My uncle and his wife had their third kid. I was in England at the time, and no one even bothered to tell me they were expecting. It was kinda a surprise when I came back.

7. Has anybody you loved passed away?
Tragedy: Averted!

8. Whose behavior merited celebration?
Alyssa, for putting up with more shit from me this term than anyone should ever have to; Beth, for becoming an incredible friend in the span of only four months; Danielle, for being the most fantastic person I know.

9. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
Ruhi, who has (among other things) refused to learn my name and threatened to “break me”.

10. Did you do any thing life changing?
I’d like to say England, but technically that started in 2006. And going to Vancouver isn’t all that life-changing in comparison. In what can only be deemed “kind of embarrassing and really pathetic”, I think the most life-changing thing I did in 2007 was to start drinking.

11. Favorite piece of clothing?
“You do realize that shirt doesn’t actually make you The Flash, right?”

12. What moments stand out when you think of 2007?
The two best days of my life:
The first day involved treasure hunts, castle exploring, a fight to the death, drinks in a pub, and a rooftop poetry jam. It also involved last moments with great friends I haven’t seen since.
The second day involved pie and pickaxes. I set out expecting a normal day, and instead absolutely everything went right.
Not my greatest day, but an interesting night; on St. Patrick’s Day my English professor threaten to beat me up over the results of a football (re: soccer) match and insulted my taste in Beatles albums. Then we ended up talking about Star Wars and his youth spent stealing road signs.
Paris was pretty great.
Shit, it was an awesome year all around.

13. Who did you miss?
The old old gang (Leaguers Assemble!) and the new old gang (Mitch, you son of a bitch!).

14. What song will always make you think of 2007?
I’d like to say “Skip to the nana’s!”, but ‘Hey Jude’ is pretty much my song for every year.
I’m going to nominate “A Talk with George”, as being representative of JoCo’s catalog as a whole and also kinda inspiring.


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