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In Which I am a Huge Film Geek

After writing this post, it occurred to me that it’s so technically dense at points as to be of no interest to anyone.


I am so happy now, you wouldn’t even believe it.

Longtime readers may recall that I’m a member of the Winnipeg Film Group, a swanky little collective that helps provide all sorts of cool resources and training for filmmaking. I haven’t been in for a few months (on account of living in Vancouver), but I’m still on the mailing list so I always know what’s going on. Thanks to this, I learned they were having some sort of big and mysterious sale just two days after I got home.

Needless to say, I went over. I was hoping to snag some Super 8 film (which is the cheapest, lowest-quality filmstock available) on the cheap. Instead, I hit paydirt. I ended up getting nearly $1000 worth of filmstock for $100. Apparently they had a freezer full of film people had ordered and never picked up that they needed to unload. The contents of my haul?

200ft of EASTMAN EXR 50D Film 5245, a 35mm film for outdoor use.
400ft of KODAK VISION2 200T 7217, a 16mm film for indoor shooting.
400ft of KODAK EKTACHROME 7241, a 16mm film for outdoor news shooting.
400ft of EASTMAN EKTACHROME 7250, a 16mm film designed for low-lighting and shooting news footage.

Getting all of that film so cheaply is unheard of, especially since it’s all in colour. Besides that I may or may not have 600ft of an unknown, black and white 16mm stock which my brother ordered but never used. Hopefully that will pan out.

The 35mm is essentially useless to me (it’s difficult to get your hands on a 35mm camera) but I couldn’t pass it up; 35mm is the industry standard they use for professional film shoots, and it was only $20. That’s pretty much unheard of.

The 1200ft of 16mm is a different story. It’s a really solid film; pretty much the standard for amateur and student filmmakers before video took over. I know where I can find a 16mm camera and editing suite in Vancouver. In addition, my friend Jeff (one of the guys I’m renting a house with next year) is a professional lighting guy who owns his own equipment. I essentially have everything I need to start cranking out movies.

Assuming I get the stuff from my brother, I have 1800ft of filmstock. That equates to about 50 minutes of film. If I plan things out well I can probably get about 30 minutes of usable footage out of that. Essentially, I am so excited about this you guys wouldn’t believe it.

The only issue now is deciding exactly what to do with this bounty. I’m going to need to write scripts and start storyboarding pretty much right away. This came as such a surprise, I really don’t know what to do with it all.

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