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Bed Heist

So the other day I was roaming around the dorms looking for someone to visit, as I am wont to do. I swung down to the basement to see if my friend Angie was in, and was shocked to find her door ajar but no one home. The room was abandoned and defenseless.

I knew what I had to do. Marshaling the aid of Ben and Jeff, we went down to Angie’s room and stole her bed.

That is exactly what it sounds like. The whole thing was gone, leaving a bizarre bed-shaped depression in her floor. We disassembled it, carried it out, and reassembled it exactly as it was in the dorm lounge. Then we all went off to dinner.

Soon later Angie came back to her room, found her bed missing, and was able to discern the culprits within 20 seconds. She has since promised to ruin us in ways we cannot imagine, but I have a feeling she won’t follow through.


For the record, Angie is the kind of friend who is okay with a little harmless pranking. All of us (me, Ben, Jeff and Angie) are going to be renting a house together next year if all goes according to plan. We’re going to have to keep our doors locked all the time lest we do terrible things to each other.

Editor’s Note: Angie never did end up getting revenge, and none of us ended up living together due to being screwed by UBC housing. None of the projected futures here came to pass.

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