I Blogged About Your Mom Last Night

November 20, 2007 at 6:57 am Leave a comment

Blogging activities have been largely curtailed lately by the dreaded “end of term” rush. Such is the life of a university student.

Also in the life of a university student? Incredibly inappropriate jokes. For nearly a month now my group of friends have been trading ‘Your Mom’ jokes; it just caught on one weekend and never stopped.

The really weird thing? They started as standard Your Mom jokes, but as it went on we started purposely setting each other up for the jokes and taking them in strange new directions. For example, a discussion of John Stuart Mill and laissez-faire economics led to the phrase “I gave your mom the greater good last night!”. At another point, while discussing Christmas shopping, Alyssa prompted me with “hey, you know what my mom likes”. The whole thing has just gotten weird and self-referential and (dare I say it?) post-modern.

This “Your Mom” meme is the strangest running gag I’ve ever been a part of; however, it’s all worth it for providing what may be the single greatest set-up/delivery of a Your Mom joke ever. We were talking about a friend named Beth and how she is the least bad-ass person alive; in the end Beth decided that if she couldn’t be bad-ass she would settle for being “good-ass”.

At this point Alyssa sprung into action, proving herself forever the master of the form. Looking Beth straight in the eyes, she responded with:

“Your mom was good ass last night”.

That she was, Alyssa. That she was.

Clearly, I have incredibly weird friends and share incredibly weird in-jokes with them. Tomorrow (if I’m not busy) I’ll include a supplement on other running gags, because I have a commitment to blogging about things nobody cares about.

See you then!


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