Hail to the King, Baby

November 15, 2007 at 6:24 am Leave a comment

So: Going to university occasionally involves doing work. Who knew?

In related news, my work ethic has been totally destroyed by the glory that is Super Smash Bros. One of the guys on my floor had his old Nintendo 64 sent from home a couple of weeks ago, and since then every night has been consumed with knocking video game mascots off bizarre stages.

One surprising thing has emerged from these sessions; I am really good at Super Smash Bros. Really fucking good. We’ve been keeping score, and I greatly outrank everyone on the floor in everything. Most of the rounds I play in the fights aren’t even close; I simply dominate everyone.

In fact, not long after we started, the floor voted to enforce “The Jigglypuff Rule”; since the loser has to give up their controller, the winner should have to be Jigglypuff next round to increase everyone’s ability to play. At the time I told everyone “You know, this just means the best people are going to get really good with Jigglypuff”. The rule went through anyway.

I’m sure you can guess what happened.

We’ve reached a point where I’m regularly beating everyone as Jigglypuff. A little while ago it reached the point where the other three players will enter into a pact at the beginning to team up on me, and I’m still winning those fights about 50% of the time. Meanwhile, my score has gone up drastically. I am the Smash Bros. King of the Floor.

Yes, this is essentially a post where I brag about how good I am at video games (or at least, one specific video game). If you don’t like it, feel free to suck it up.

…I think this competitiveness thing is ruining me.


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