LMW Day Four: The Sandwiching

November 4, 2007 at 7:53 am Leave a comment

Yesterday’s blog post (and thus, the secret of the perfect sandwich) were interrupted by these things; awkward revelations, a series of gladiator matches, watching ‘Across the Universe’, and midnight poutine.

It was, to say the least, a busy night. Here’s the post I owe you.

Luncheon Meat Week: Day Four

The Secret of the Perfect Sandwich

“There is an art to the business of making sandwiches which it is given to few ever to find the time to explore in depth. It is a simple task, but the opportunities for satisfaction are many and profound.” ~ Mostly Harmless

There exists a special relationship between a sandwich and the meat on it. The two are entwined in a way that surpassing physical being; a perfect sandwich cannot be expressed as the mere sum of it’s parts.

The factors that go into making the perfect sandwich are many. They include:

1) Choosing the right bread.
2) Applying to this bread the proper combination of condiments.
3) Adding the savory luncheon meat.
4) Garnishing the sandwich with the perfect blend of toppings.

Luckily, I have a series of tables and charts to aid in this demonstration.

Essentially, to make a delicious sandwich, you have to roll 20s.

For the record, I did not make this charts; they come from someone on the Penny Arcade forums, who made them in response to a comic I intending to link but cannot find.

Special Bonus Content: A different Penny Arcade comic about sandwiches.

It’s 2 AM here. Goodnight, folks.


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