LMW Day One: The Lambening

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This post is late because I’m a freaking idiot. Jon now has permission to lord this over me for a maximum of one (1) year.

Luncheon Meat Week: Day One

The tale of Lunch Meat really begins with the tale of the sandwich; legend tells us that the First Sandwich was the work of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, who created the snack so he could eat fine meats and play cards at the same time. Truly a noble cause.

However, recent scholarship (i.e. stuff I just looked up on Wikipedia*) tells us that the sandwich is actually much older, dating to the time of Hillel the Elder of the 1st Century AD. These early proto-sandwiches evidently had something to do with Passover, and were generally filled with lamb; this makes lamb the first luncheon meat.

Thus, on this first day of Luncheon Meat Week, we celebrate Lamb: Lunch Meat of the Ancients!


Of course, nowadays it is quite uncommon to eat a lamb sandwich (except perhaps in England or the Mediterranean), and almost impossible to find shaved lamb meat at the Supermarket. Lamb’s popularity as a sandwich filling has been largely eclipsed by other, more delicious things. Tune in tomorrow for discussion of some of these other meats, and their deep, delicious secrets.

*The Wikipedia search that told me this also brought up results for “Meat Analogue”, which despite being a fairly common thing strikes me as being quite ominously named.


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