Weird Things

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Time for tales from my life! Yay!


You know, I do a lot of weird things I don’t immediately recognize as weird. People get so used to their actions that they seem normal, and it takes an outside observer to say “holy shit, what the hell are you doing?”.

In my case, one of the weirdest things is my compulsion to jump. Whenever I come across a new object, my first reaction is almost always “Can I leap it?”. This in itself is strange, but more often than not I’ll make the situation stranger by actually attempting to leap it. I just love jumping over things. It really doesn’t make any sense at all.


The other night a bunch of us decided to go out to a place downtown that apparently makes the best poutine in the city. It was cold and I had forgotten my coat, so one of the girls in the group lent me one. There are two important things to note here;

1) The coat was tight-fitting and looked ridiculously good on me. I seriously think that may have been the best I’ve ever dressed.
2) The Poutine store was in the middle of the city’s gay district.

Though I didn’t notice it at the time, my friends later explained that I was eyed up by a guy in the Poutine shop. Apparently that coat made me attractive enough that people would literally stop and stare. Had we been in a part of the city that wasn’t the gay district, this may have done me some good.

I later tried to bargain with my friend so I could keep the coat, but to no avail. It’s a shame; it was a really kickass coat.


A general notice for all readers; due to an agreement with Jon, next week’s blog posts will be dedicated solely to luncheon meats. Five posts in five days, explaining the secret art of the sandwich. This is easily the worst agreement I’ve ever made.

Be prepared, readers; Lunch-Meat Week is on the horizon!


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