In Which I Reflect Upon a Most Excellent Sequence of Events

September 24, 2007 at 5:58 am Leave a comment

Today may very well be the best day of my life. This is not an exaggeration. Do you want to know why?

I got free meat, found a pick-axe, and went to a pie store.

This bears repeating.

I got free meat, found a pick-axe, and went to a pie store.

Best day ever.

Free Meat: Today was the inter-house Football tournament for my dorm, and they had a big barbecue (called the “Meat Market” for a number of dubious reasons) to celebrate. For merely showing up I was awarded with a thick steak burger dripping with pure delicious.

Pick-Axe Surprise: Later in the day, I was walking across campus to visit friends in a different dorm, when I found a pick-axe lying on the middle of the sidewalk.

A pick-axe. On the sidewalk. Ripe for the taking.

I did what had to be done.

I have to tell you, there’s no greater joy in life than yelling to your friends “you’ll never guess what I found!”, then seeing the look of shock and horror on their faces when you lift your prize to reveal that you’ve found a rusty pick-axe.

I took this sucker everywhere with me for awhile. Random pick-axe is the best kind of pick-axe. Not only that, it led to me having this conversation nearly verbatim with a friend, with the word ‘cake’ replaced with ‘pick-axe’. In the end, I returned my treasure to its rightful place on the sidewalk, because keeping a pick-axe you found in the street is kinda creepy.

Pie Store: Earlier in the day, a friend told me they had some unhappy things in their life, and I told them that pie was a good fix for anything. I even suggested a Foot Trip (like a Road Trip, but without a car) to procure said pie. Honestly, though, I didn’t expect this to go anywhere.

An hour later I find out she Googled the words “Vancouver Pie” and discovered a specialty pie shop a mere fifteen minute bus ride from campus. Within minutes a posse had been rounded up and we were off to get some pie.

It turned out this place was fantastic, filled to the brim with an assortment of organic, home-made pies. Each one was baked with love and filled with delicious. We all got a slice (mine was pecan) and sat down at a table to eat.

Yes, the Pie Shop had tables to eat at. It’s how they rolled.

I can say, without a doubt, that this was the most fantastic shop I’ve ever been into. It was built of dreams and rainbows. Every bite of pie was like eating a small god.

I can honestly say that no other day in my life has been filled with such unexpected wonders. It was like a surprise party thrown by the universe, meant to celebrate the sheer thrill of being alive in a world full of pickaxes and pie.

To my readers; compare your lives to mine, and despair.


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