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September 2, 2007 at 11:20 pm Leave a comment

Good news, everyone! I made it into UBC in one piece, and have managed to get (relatively) settled in. Here’s some point form notes on what I’ve been up to, because a fuller account would take too long.

Campus Stuff

-The UBC campus is HUGE. Much bigger than I was expecting. Especially where my dorm is, it takes a long time to get anywhere worth going; most of the major buildings are a 20-minute walk away. I need to get a bike or something.

-There’s about ten million dorm buildings on campus. It’s pretty crazy.

-Everything here is under reconstruction. For example, the Dining Hall for our dorm has been gutted, so we eat in a big tent. That’s supposed to last until at least mid-October. Stranger still, much of the library is closed for renovations. How will we get books?

-The Department of Business was throwing a huge party outside their building today. The Department of Business. It was really weird.

Gym Related Stuff

-They seem to have canceled the Ninjitsu class I wanted to take, which may just be the greatest injustice ever perpetrated. Now I have to decide on another martial art to take. Any suggestions?

-There also seems to be a class on Iaido, the art of the Samurai Sword. This would be more awesome if not for the fact it’s a non-competitive, no-contact class. Haven’t decided whether to take it or not yet.

-I just found out the Rock Climbing class I was interested in is only one day, which is kind of ridiculous for how much it costs. This is madness*.

*Stephen or Jon can feel to complete the meme on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Life in General

-I got a full tour of the campus from my next-door neighbour Rasmius, who’s from Sweden. He has a pretty awesome name.

-I’ve randomly run into a bunch of people from the castle last year. Yay me!

-I also managed to get my tuition fees deferred until I find out what’s going on with my money. Double yay!

-Evidently I’m in the party hall of my dorm. After last year I’m pretty used to that, though, and most of the people here seem like okay guys so it shouldn’t be a problem.


This has nothing to do with UBC, but my appreciation of The White Album increases by leaps and bounds every time I listen to it. Fuck, it’s good.


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