Transform and Roll Out

July 4, 2007 at 11:51 pm Leave a comment

Ran into Radio Dan on the bus again today, though I didn’t recognize him at first. He was having a nice, normal conversation with a friend, but as soon as that friend got off Radio Dan stood up in the middle of the bus and started “broadcasting”. It was pretty weird.

(Transformers Spoilers from here on out)

In other news, I have seen Transformers. Decent enough action movie, I guess, but needed more of Optimus Prime wrecking Decepticons’ shit. God, what I wouldn’t have given for more Optimus Prime wrecking shit. Also, far too much focus on the human side of the story. We don’t come to a movie about giant robots fighting a secret war to see humans.

One weird thing about the movie was the military presence in it. The US Army is known for lending out it’s vehicles for movie productions, but only if the movies are sympathetic to the army. That was very much the case here. There were a few scenes that almost seemed like recruitment commercials. Even when getting killed by robots the army was made to seem damn heroic, and they managed to take down a few Decepticons as well. How did the puny human army take down advanced robots from space? It’s madness.

Also, the entire audience groaned when the line “More than meets the eye” was used. The context was terrible.

(End Transformers Spoilers)

And that’s all there is for today. G’nite, folks.


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