All the News That’s Fit to Print

July 1, 2007 at 6:24 pm Leave a comment

Various things that are happening in my life:

– Thanks to the way course registration works at UBC, I’ve missed out on getting into the second-year film production course. Both the first and third years get to register before us, and they took all the spots. This is troublesome because I kind of need that course in order to get my major. Once again, I am left to stew in rage over the UBC administration. God, I hate them.

-Last night I was getting a taxi home from work, as I am wont to do (they provide them for free when you work later than midnight). It turned out the speedometer in the cab was broken, and the driver took this as justification to go as fast as he wanted. Take everything you’ve ever known about crazy cab drivers and add 100 km/hour to it, and that’s what I had. I’m quite surprised I made it home alive.

-It’s Canada Day! Yay, that means… work. Oh well. Who wants fireworks and ice-cream and sunshine and joy anyway….

-I was beset upon by no less than 10,000 mosquitoes while I was tending some tomato plants today. I don’t even like tomatoes. Hell, I don’t even own tomato plants. What sequence of events could possibly have allowed this to happen?

And now I’ve gone and made my life look a good deal more pathetic than it actually is.

Editor’s Note: I was later able to get into that Film Production class when someone else dropped out, and used the films I shot in it to apply to the program and get in. Complete success? I think so.


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