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Behold, the Power of Ham!

Let it never be said that I do not understand my audience, and fail to deliver what they desire.*

A few important things to understand about today’s topic:

-Ham usually refers to a cut of pork, meaning it comes from a pig or a boar. However, it can also refer to the thigh or butt of any animal slaughtered for it’s meat.
-Ham can either be dry-cured or wet-cured. Dry-cured ham is rubbed in salt and spices (sugar is a common alternative in the United States), followed by a period of drying and aging. Wet-cured ham, on the other hand, is cured in a brine solution over a period of days.
-An alternative to this method of wet-curing is the “City Ham” variety, common in US supermarkets. This involves injecting the brine solution directly into the ham, causing it to cure rapidly. While able to satisfy mass-market demands, this method general results in a poorer-quality ham.

Would you like to know where ham comes from?

Look at him! He’s such a happy little porker.

The best ham in the world is generally held to come from Western Europe, particularly France, German, Italy and Spain. In Germany the famous Black Forest ham, from the Black Forest region, is made by seasoning, dry curing, and then smoking the ham over sawdust and fir brush. Another famous brand of German ham, Westphalian ham, is made from pigs fed solely on acorns.

Ham has traditionally been served as the centerpiece of Christmas and Easter dinners. However, in recent years it’s use on these occasions has largely been superseded by the turkey, a devious and much less delicious creature.

Maple injected? Twice smoked? My god, the flavour!

Throughout the ages, Ham has proved to be the most delicious of the delicious meats. Though mass-production and rival foods have dulled it’s glory, it’s true power can never be denied. And so, on this day, I hereby declare Baked Ham the official meat of this blog!

Baked Ham, There Shan’t Be Wit Salutes You!
Dinner Meat of the Millennium!

*I sincerely apologize to any Jews or Vegetarians in the audience.


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