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Blogging activities were highly curtailed today for reasons that can only be described as terribly ironic. My internet was down and I couldn’t fix it. I had to wait for my dad to get home so he could get it up and running. Considering I work in internet tech support, I’m pretty sure this invalidates my value as a human being.

Meanwhile, in the Land of Blog: I have recently been challenged to a high-intensity Rock Off, which reminded me of some of my blog-related responsibilities. I use this place to talk a lot about the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, The Flash, Superman… basically, all the big titles. But there’s also a lot of smaller indie stuff that is unspeakably awesome, and needs the attention much more. For that reason I present to you today a tale of Romance, Action, and Rock n’ Roll known as-

Scott Pilgrim!

A summary, from Wikipedia (emphasis mine): “The series is about 23-year-old Canadian Scott Pilgrim, a slacker, hero, wannabe-rockstar, who is living in Toronto and playing bass in the band “Sex Bob-Omb.” He falls in love with American delivery girl Ramona V. Flowers, but must defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends in order to date her.”

Tell me that is not the most glorious premise for a series ever. I dare you.

The important thing to understand about this series is that Scott is a loser. His band is going nowhere, he has no job, his apartment is so small he has to share a bed with his gay roommate, and he generally half-asses his way through life. However, when Ramona arrives on the scene he’s forced to pull his act together so he can start a relationship with her, which leads to incredibly fascinating battles with his own laziness (not to mention the seven evil ex-boyfriends).

It sure is, Scott

Of course, Scott wasn’t always a loser, as seen in the sequence that really sold me on this series: The Origin Story of Scott’s first girlfriend. In a flashback Scott arrives at school late only to find every single person in the building has been beat up by a rival Tech School, who then kidnapped a girl. Scott goes to the Tech School and single-handedly fights his way through the entire student populace until he gets to the roof. Once there, he fights the leader of the Tech School Boys in the rain, defeats him, and then delivers one of the most awesome finishing lines/move combos ever:

Scott Pilgrim: You’ll never change.
(Scott then kicks him off the roof with the force of a small comet)

Of course, Scott then rescues the girl and they make out, also in the rain.

In his spare time, Scott pretends to be one of the X-Men. Don’t we all?

It gets even more awesome than that, though. The sheer amount of geekiness and humour in this thing is stunning. Every band that appears in the series is named for a video game. When characters fight, they string together combos like a Street Fighter match; when one is defeated, they disappear leaving a pile of coins and rare items. It’s the kind of series where the characters will stop halfway through the book to teach you how to make Vegan Shepard’s Pie or play a song, and they constantly make reference to the book itself.

Sadly, I lack the scans necessary to show the extent of writer/artist Bryan Lee O’Malley’s artistic skill. Some of the things he pulls off with panel composition are nothing short of ingenious. Do yourselves a favour a pick up some of the stuff to see what I’m talking about. It is perhaps the only series you’ll get that has literal Battle of the Bands.

Scott’s band on the bottom row, plus four friends on the top, prepare a Final Attack. Impressive though this is, it pales to the previous band’s status-effecting music.

The “Scott Pilgrim” series is currently three volumes long. A fourth is being published this summer/fall, and the whole thing is expected to run six volumes. It is well worth your time to read it.


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