Adventures in Tech Support

May 19, 2007 at 9:35 pm Leave a comment

So, on my first day of work I learned that every single person in the world is an idiot. All of them. Especially me.

It’s funny. I was really worried that I wouldn’t know how to do my job. It turns out that I really don’t know how to do my job, but it doesn’t matter because no one else in the building does either. And the people calling in know even less than us.

During my time there, I got no less than two transfers from people in other departments because they didn’t know how to schedule a technician to go out. A third transfer was someone who’s problem was their computer was too slow, which is bizarre since we’re an internet provider. Not only did the caller not know what they were talking about, but the other call center guy didn’t know enough to know we don’t handle that and so tried to pass the problem off to me.

One lady got me to go to Google Maps and give her driving directions over the phone. Some guy’s internet was broken and I spent twenty minutes fixing it, only to learn that it had gone up somewhere around the fifteen minute mark and he just didn’t bother to tell me (I only figured it out when he mentioned he was on Linksys’ website downloading drivers, and I asked “er, how?”).

The absolute worse was the women who needed her wireless internet working on her laptop. We got it fixed, only for her to explain just before I hung up that the internet on her desktop computer had gone down. After ten minutes of troubleshooting, she finally explained that she had unplugged the ethernet cable. That, of course, was why it didn’t work.

So it turns out I hate everybody that called, and for most people I did a very poor job fixing their problems (if I managed to fix them at all). It was all kind of hilarious, in a novelty sort of way. Hopefully I’ll get good at the job before the novelty runs out.


…I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Editor’s Note: Of all the bullshit I dealt with on the job, it was other Call Center people I hated most. Specifically, the ones who would transfer us calls when it wasn’t our responsibility without even trying to fix the problem themselves. I even got calls from technicians who, in the midst of installing internet in homes, realized they had no idea what the fuck they were doing. Who hires these people?


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