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May 10, 2007 at 2:57 am Leave a comment

Crikey. It’s 32 degrees here (90 for the Yankees in the audience) and I just got back from running my requisite three miles. If this is what it’s like at 8PM in early May, I’m not looking forward to running at high noon in mid-June. Seriously, the heat nearly killed me out there; I came back feeling like I’d lost twenty pounds.

Also, the essay I was rushing to get down by the end of this week? I just went back to re-read the rules, and the deadline has been moved to the end of the month. Well, shit. On one hand, I can stop rushing and I’ll have some extra time working on the essay. On the other hand, I’m a lazy bastard and will probably put it off until the end of the month again… and I have about half a dozen more essays due then, too.

I shall require motivation, and perhaps the appeasement of dark gods. Someone sacrifice a goat, quick!

Editor’s Note: Once again my calls to action were ignored by readers, though Jon did helpfully suggest that, instead of sacrificing a goat to a dark god, I could sacrifice a dark god to a goat. Also, I don’t remember which essay I’m referring to here (probably the biofuels one?) since I was doing several at the time. Awesome.


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I Really Should Cite My Sources Titled “Jack Strange: Peril of the Particle Accelerator”

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