Wherein I Reflect on Failure

May 3, 2007 at 2:08 pm Leave a comment

What the hell?

I went out running today, as I am wont to do; or rather, as I like to think I’m wont to do. I haven’t quite managed to keep to my training schedule for the marathon since I got back, tending to miss one or two days a week (out of four). I’ve been thinking that it doesn’t matter, and that I can catch up, but clearly that’s not the case.

Why is that? When I was out this way I got a horrific cramp and wasn’t able to get all the way back home. I walked the last half a mile and ended up adding another five minutes to my time. Not good.

Clearly something needs to be done here. I must re-double my efforts to become the Fastest Man Alive!* I officially give each and every person who reads this blog permission to give me hell to make sure that I keep to my training schedule. Berate me! Insult me! Do whatever is necessary to make sure that I run when I’m supposed to, as often as I’m supposed to, as far as I’m supposed to, until I am fully prepared to go out and run my marathon.

I’m counting on you, dear readers.

*Not my actual goal.

Editor’s Note: Surprisingly, my call to be publicly insulted resulted in only one response, reproduced here: “Jacob my friend, if you don’t have the time to train it is okay. You don’t have to run the whole marathon, just do your best and it will all work out. We will all love you just the same no matter what. Signed, Jon”.

My response; Fuck you, Jon! You were supposed to insult me!


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