Publishing is Not a Glamourous Business

April 2, 2007 at 12:46 am Leave a comment

Spent most of the day in the Newspaper Office (such as it is) helping to edit our finale edition of the paper, which is now due at the printers in less than five hours. The Editor, Jon (no, not that Jon) has proved once again he is the most overworked man in existence. There was also a large discussion of journalistic ethics that basically ended with “I’m going to do this because I want to”.

All of this was done in lieu of studying for exams, which are looming ever closer (as in, one day).

Yeah. I’m pretty much screwed.

I could probably post a few interesting stories from the newsroom, but I’m tired and need to study more. Expect very little of any merit this week.

Editor’s Note: Yet another example of me putting of things to the last minute; in this case, though, delaying studying was for a good cause (Journalism!). I still find that conversation about ethics hilarious; Jon agreed that I was right, but that he was going to alter the story anyway because he wanted to and no one could stop him. I threatened to publish an article revealing his fraud, but as we were sending the last issue to the printer this was an empty threat. Good times, those were.


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