This is Why I Don’t Blog Enough

March 31, 2007 at 1:21 am Leave a comment

I originally planned to do a long, detailed post yesterday, but instead I ended up talking to Dani until 2 AM. I would have done a long post today, but most of the day was eaten up by the end-of-the-year Formal Dinner and Dance. Two hilarious things came out of this:

1) The “Formal Dinner” was Mexican food. They even served nachos in a sombrero.

2) The last speech of the night, given by long-time University staff member Sandy, consisted basically of “You all suck, get out of here”.

He was being completely serious.

Where most other people were offended, I found the incident to be so ridiculous that it became a pinnacle of humour.

Other than that, it was pretty much like any other end-of-term formal… kinda. A run-in with my exceedingly drunk roommate did lead to speculation as to who is or isn’t gay (a long story there), and I asked a man to dance as part of a clever scheme to help a friend find true love (also a long story), but otherwise it was pretty normal.

…So I guess, not normal at all.


Editor’s Note: This was another post that caused controversy, as once again my RA read it and claimed I had entirely misunderstood Sandy’s comments and had no right to comment on it. There was a context to them (certain members of the audience were being rude) but I really don’t think that excused Sandy using the last official speech of the year to decry our behaviour. Also, I really grew to dislike my RA.

On another note, the “asked a man to dance to help a friend find true love” is another of those stories that gets repeated a lot. Certain people owe me big for this. I’m just saying.


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