On Trojan Women

March 27, 2007 at 10:02 am Leave a comment

Heh. Well, things have been pretty slow around here lately. That’s what you get when you go to University and hit the last quarter of the term. I’ll try to throw some content up now.

Last night was the big Drama production for those foolish enough to take the class. Because the professor is the kind of guy to make the class perform an ancient Greek play, we ended up doing Trojan Women, by Euripides. Basically, the play is about how shitty it is to be a Trojan woman after the fall of Troy, what with murder, enslavement, and forced marriages.

The play has a weird sort of structure to it; it’s just one long scene, set in a camp for the slave women. They lament their condition for awhile, then the Greek soldiers (including myself) arrive to inform them what terrible things are going to be done to them next. After we leave, they lament this new woe, and the situation pretty much repeats itself three or four times until we drag them offstage to sail away from Troy. Probably the worst thing we do during this time is when we steal a baby and throw it off a tower. There’s also a pretty cool scene in the middle where Menelaus, King of the Spartans, gives Helen of Troy a verbal ass-kicking.

Despite some utter fuckmuppetry on the part of many, we managed to get it pulled together. It was looking pretty bad until the weekend, though; most of the actors didn’t know their lines, and the people in charge of building the set did not actually show up to build it (their golden excuse? “We all agreed we’d share the work, and some people just chose to do more”. These are the same people who spelled most of the actor’s names wrong in the program). Because of this, I spent my Saturday night hauling stones trying to build the ruined walls of Troy.

But like I said, it went well in the end. We managed to get through the performance without too many mistakes, and most people seemed to enjoy it. So, that’s that. Now that the performance is out of the way, I’m pretty much done all my projects for the year; just exams left to worry about. I should be in the clear soon.

Also, I’ve seriously got to finish my write-up on the Superman cartoons. I left that off well over a month ago.

Well, I’ll see what I can do here, then. Wish me luck.

Editor’s Note: God, I hated a bunch of the people working on the set. Seriously? Not showing up to do your job, and then claiming you didn’t actually have to do it? And getting everyone’s names wrong on the program? Serious bullshit there.

Other than that, it was a really cool production. In the pre-show we actually divided the audience into Greek Soldiers and Slaves and pitted them against each other for our amusement; it’s the kind of awesome power you wield in theatre.

I, uh, never did get around to that Superman thing. Oops.


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