That was Kinda Stupid

March 20, 2007 at 11:48 pm Leave a comment

I was in a good mood today, then I did Sprint Training and threw up about four times. Needless to say, that ruined my good mood.

I really need to track down a professional to help me train for the marathon. I’m doing okay with the long-distance jogging bits, but as my experience tonight shows I’m having some difficulty with sprinting and other aspects. Every time I go out to Sprint I end up feeling really sick by the end, and this time I just pushed myself over the edge. Clearly I’m doing something very, very wrong.

The reason I was in such a good mood before that is that I’m out of Crunch Time. I’ve finished all my major projects for the term, so now I just have to sit back and wait for the grades to roll in.

And write exams, of course. There’s always exams.

So, that’s my day. I’ll try to get back on a schedule of writing about things other than myself soon.

Editor’s Note: It turns out I was doing a lot wrong for marathon training, throwing up just being one of the more obvious examples. It’s amazing I ever managed to get through.


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