More Adventures with Professors

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Bouncing back from St. Paddy’s Day, I woke up at 7 AM to go down and meet my History Professor and a bunch of other people at his place. The purpose of the expedition? We were going to Brighton for a Boot Sale.

There’s probably a lot about that that doesn’t make sense, so bear with me while I bullet point it:

-In Britain, a “Boot Sale” is what we in North America call a Rummage Sale or a Farmer’s Market. The term comes from the fact that the British refer to the trunks of cars as “boots”; they are literally selling things out of the boot of their care, hence a Boot Sale.

-The reason we were going with the History Professor is that some time ago there was a student auction, and one of the prizes was a day trip guided by the History Prof, Dr. Scott McLean, to go to a Boot Sale and subsequent pub lunch. Now, this might not seem impressive, but you have to realize that we are isolated here and any method off campus is worth gold. My friend Christian won, and I’m one of the people he picked to go.

-For the record, Dr. Scott is ridiculously awesome. The generally consensus around campus is that he is like Indiana Jones, had Indy gone on to get married, have kids, and settle down. He has a ridiculous amount of cool artifacts, and he’s the one who organized the archaeological digs I’ve been going on about.

-Brighton is a city on the south coast, about an hour’s drive away. It’s a pretty nice place.

In any case, we managed to get down to Brighton and see all kinds of cool stuff (and not so cool stuff; there were a lot of people selling low-quality, pirated electronics). Most awesome find? An ancient film projector that came packaged with old Mickey Mouse and Popeye cartoons. It physically pained me to leave it behind, but it was way out of my price-range. I did end up getting a really old foil (the sword kind) and an ancient Union Jack. I was going to get other cool stuff, too, but that particular vendor packed up and left before I could get back to him.

After that, we went on an unscheduled tour of local pubs; it turned out everything was full because it was Mother’s Day in Britain. We finally found a place and had traditional pub food, which was cool. Along the trip we also got a running commentary on the history of the area by Dr. Scott, which was pretty neat. Apparently the area is rife with cool antiquities.

So, that was the main thrust of my day. After I got back I worked some on my English essay, and discovered it was impossible to discuss the morals of Victorian England without mentioning sex about 80 times. For the record, my essay topic is “Responses to Victorian England as seen in The Turn of the Screw and The Importance of Being Earnest“, the kind of thing most people would never think they’d have to discuss. Isn’t academia fun?

Editor’s Note: Man, this was such a cool day. Cool as shit. Tragically, I wasn’t able to get that sword I mention back in my luggage. I ended up giving it to Christian because, hey, he seemed like the kind of guy who would appreciate it. And that’s that.


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