Welcome Back, People!

March 12, 2007 at 8:52 pm Leave a comment

So, I’m back from my weekend in Wales, which was spent climbing up things, climbing down things, and falling into things. More specifically:

-Went kayaking for the first time, fell in the lake twice; once when I flipped my kayak in the middle of a game of kayak-polo, the second when I lost my balance standing up in it in the middle of the lake (I swear there was a good reason for this).

-Went abseiling, which I guess is the English word for rappelling. Got hooked into a rope system and rappelled down a cliff face. Pretty nice.

-Coolest thing ever; rock-climbing. By which I mean, climbing a completely vertical rock-face with my bare hands. Filled with ridiculously awesome moments, such as when I leapt horizontally from one ledge to another, grabbing it with my fingertips and then pulling myself up. Perhaps the most badass thing I’ve done in a long time.

-Lot’s of hiking, including exploring caves and gorges.

Yeah, it was an awesome weekend. Of course, as a result of it, I’m now behind in my work; I have four major projects due in the space of the next week. Which means this blog is officially on hiatus until I get my stuff together, because HOLY SHIT I AM IN CRUNCH TIME.

Wish me luck, all.

Editor’s Note: Strangely, there’s a lot of things that happened in Wales that aren’t mentioned here. For example, right before throwing myself across the rock-face I told my friend Alyssa (who was manning the safety rope) to “Hang on! I’m about to attempt something of questionable merit!”. This line has since become somewhat infamous in my group of friends.

An equally glaring omission is the actual coach trip into Wales, during which our driver got lost at night in a small town and had to ask a bunch of drunk Welsh twelve-year-olds for directions. As we were pulling out they started chasing the bus through town, for reasons that to this day remain inexplicable.

Needless to say, it was a great trip.


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