Wherein I Complain for the sake of Complaining

March 5, 2007 at 10:46 am Leave a comment

Just so you all know, picking courses for university is incredibly aggravating. I’ve developed a complex web of options now, trying to take into account what I have to take for my major, what I have to take for my degree, promising electives, pre-reqs, co-reqs, and classes I have to argue equivalency for.

The worst part is the languages. As a degree requirement I have to take two years of a foreign language course, but I really have no interest in it. Why should I waste two years of my life studying a language I’m not going to learn and have no interest in anyway? So I’ve still got to pick one of those, even though I’d rather not.

I cannot say I care for university administration at all.

In other news, my blogging may be slightly curtailed over the next couple of weeks, because I’ve entered a valley of terror and fright. By which I mean, I have a bunch of big essays coming due for a lot of classes. Not fun.

And that’s all I have for you today. Go home now.

Editor’s Note: A year and a half later, picking courses is still awful. My plans have changed about a hundred times since I made this post, on account of; classes I need not existing, the program I need not existing, the program I need suddenly springing back into existence in a highly altered form, and vague plans to get a useless Double Major in Film and Archaeology. Trying to build a class schedule out of this really sucks.


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Holy Shit, I Forgot to Title this One The Running News

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