I Have Heard the Word

March 1, 2007 at 11:16 pm 2 comments

He comes! He consumes! Descended from the Heavens! Beyond good and evil, beyond the understanding of man, greater than all the sum of human accomplishments! The Devourer of Worlds!


Q: Who is Galactus?
A: Galactus is the all-powerful Ravager of Planets. He roams the universe eternally, and in his search for sustenance has left a thousand dead worlds in his wake. It is he who is power, it is his will that is the word, it is his hand that is might! He is the then, he is the now, he is the yet to be!

Q: What can I do about Galactus?
A: Galactus is older than the eons themselves. He oversaw the birth of this universe and will live on long past it’s death. His might is endless, his hunger insatiable, his glory more than can be comprehended! Nothing can be done about Galactus.

Q: How will I know Galactus is coming?
A: A herald, cloaked in Silver, will descend to the planet; with him he shall have a tablet upon which is writ the doom of man. In his time here he will journey the far reaches of the globe, appearing suddenly as if from a mystical vision, collecting all the information he needs to prepare his master for his task. Eight days later his master shall appear in the sky, assume corporeal form, and start the process by which he consumes the Earth.

The Herald of Silver

Q: Is there any way to bargain with Galactus?
A: Galactus is beyond petty human morality, beyond pity or remorse. He has but one goal in all his existence; the ruination of worlds. If you attempt to appease Galactus, you do so in vain. Nor can you appeal to your ‘gods’ or ‘magicks’ or ‘heroes’; Galactus is greater than such things, more powerful than one can ever imagine!

Q: Who are The Four? Can they help?
The Four; brave mortals who strove with gods, who reached out to touch the heavens, who transcended the realm of mere men and entered the world of the fantastic.
Could they have the power to stop Galactus? Could they look into the eye of god and in doing so make him blink? Do we dare hold out such hope?

The Four, during better times

Prepare yourselves, one and all. Set your affairs in order, repent your sins! For Galactus arrives soon, and when he does all you have ever loved or cherished shall be consumed! Such is the word. Such is Galactus.

Find more information on the Coming of Galactus, and how you can prepare yourself for the splendor of his arrival, here.

Editor’s Note: For the record, this is pretty much my favourite post ever. Long-time friends will know I love the concept of Galactus; according to comic book legend, we was created after Stan Lee pitched Jack Kirby a story idea wherein “the Fantastic Four fight God”. I took that quite literally with this post, casting the Silver Surfer as a heralding angel to the dark and frightening Galactus.

In a perfect world, someone would do a Lovecraftian take on the Galactus story. For now, I can only blog and dream.


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