If One’s Life is a Work of Art, Mine is Part of the Surrealist Movement

February 27, 2007 at 9:56 pm Leave a comment

Today was one of those days that really strikes home how ridiculous life really is. The brief version of the story is as follows; at dinner, I was struck over the head with a banana, which lead to an escalation of events and caused a three-hour Cold War that nearly ended more than one friendship forever. Feelings were hurt and mean things said that might never be forgiven.

At one point my hair was covered in chocolate. And then someone tried to lick it out.

Sometimes I wonder why I ever get out of bed.

Editor’s Note: Man, this day… this day was weird. I got into a fight with Sydney, someone with whom I shared an incredibly contencious friendship. A mutual friend once claimed that there was also an air of tension between me and Syd, as if things could explode at any minute. Looking back, I regard it as one of those really valuable learning experiences that was nonetheless difficult at that time.

For the record, Syndey is a pretty cool kid most of the time. We just butted heads on a few… key issues.


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