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I’ve got nothing of any particular importance to say today, a result of my near-constant efforts to prepare for the Paris trip. Tomorrow, in honour of President’s Day (which I sadly won’t be here for), I’m going to treat you all to a report on one of America’s greatest Commander-in-Chiefs.

In the meantime, I’m going to be lazy and fill out one of those “getting to know you better” memes that floats around. Enjoy random aspects of my personal life!

1. WHAT IS YOUR FULL NAME? Everyone who needs to know it does already.

2. HOW ARE YOU TODAY? I don’t really feel any particular way. It’s just one of those odd days where nothing seems to be happening.


4. FAVORITE SPORT? Moon-Karate. But since that’s so rarely available, I take kickboxing and train for marathons.

5. HAIR COLOR? Brown.

6. EYE COLOR? Blue.

7. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS OR GLASSES? I would be, for all intents and purposes, blind without my glasses.

8. BIRTHDAY? February 13th… just a few days ago.

9. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

10. FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR: I love Halloween.

11. WHO DO YOU CALL TO VENT? Usually Dani, who’s a saint for putting up with me. Occasionally Stina, who is not a saint but in fact the devil in a fiendishly clever disguise.

12. SUMMER OR WINTER? I used to love winter. Then I moved to Winnipeg. Goddamnit, I hate Winnipeg in the winter, as does every sane person on Earth.

13. NUMBER OF SIBLINGS? Three. Older brother, younger brother, little sister.

14. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS? The horror known as “the dorm”!

15. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Nothing. However, I spent the whole day listening to puppets sing about their problems (ah, the “Avenue Q” soundtrack).

16. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Crackers and Peanut Butter.

17. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? Sadly, no. I have a story about this I intend to post on this blog someday.

18. WHAT IS SOMETHING OBVIOUS ABOUT YOU? Huge comic book geek.

19. WHAT IS SOMETHING ABOUT YOU MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW? I have an endless fascination with the propaganda of World War I and II. It just strikes me as really interesting.

20. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR? I’m not sure. For a long, long time, my biggest fear was entropy (look it up if you don’t know what it is). But for some reason, the inevitable heat-death of the universe doesn’t bug me as much as it used to.

21. DO YOU NORMALLY TAKE THE SAFE ROUTE OR THE SHORT CUT? Depends on the context. I try to stay pretty safe on school essays and assignments, but out exploring it’s just so much more interesting to go other ways than the safe route. Of course, it rarely turns out to be a short cut.

22. NAME ONE THING YOU WANT YOU CAN’T BUY WITH MONEY. A kind of weird one, here, out of all the things I could ask for… I would have loved to see The Beatles perform in concert, back in their prime. But then, no amount of money is going to get me that now, is it?

23. WHAT IS YOUR MOST TREASURED POSSESSION? There’s really not much I own that can’t be replaced. Even my laptop, which contains everything I’ve written, isn’t necessary because I have all the stuff backed up a bunch of other places. If it came down to having to save one thing, it would probably be the reel from my student film “Joe McCarthy: Communist Hunter”.

24. WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU DO OFTEN YOU HATE? Leave things to the last minute… constantly.

25. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE LIE TO TELL? “Back when I was in ‘Nam….”

26. FAVORITE DRINK? I think I’m in the early stages of an addiction to Coca Cola. It’s quite pathetic, really.

27. FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK? Whiskey. Not because I particularly like it, but I like the Whiskey Mythos. It has a very nice place in popular culture.

28. NAME SOMETHING EMBARRASSING YOU DID WHILE DRUNK. Don’t get drunk, Jim, much to the disappointment of many around me.

29. WHAT DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT? Watched “M*A*S*H” (the movie), had my door beaten on for twenty minutes by a drunk ex-girlfriend looking to yell at me. It was a night of mixed success.

30. WHAT IS THE ONE PERSON, PLACE AND THING YOU CAN’T SAY NO TO? I answer to nothing and nobody!
… In reality, the answers are nobody (I say no to pretty much everyone at some point), London, and dinner in that little restaurant I found in Chinatown.

31. STRANGEST THING ANYONE HAS EVER SAID TO YOU? “It’s too bad you don’t have a vagina”. Er, thanks….
(For the record, a girl told me that, making it the most emasculating thing ever said to me).

32. WHO INSPIRES YOU? I don’t really have any idols. I’m just not particularly given to hero-worship. Maybe that’s just part of the Canadian national psyche?

33. FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK? Wednesday. No classes, no field trips, nothing I have to worry about.

34. THING YOU’VE DONE BEFORE YOU WANT TO DO AGAIN? Go to Edinburgh in Scotland. It’s an incredibly beautiful city, and I loved every second there.

35. DREAM VACATION? I’m going to Rome if it kills me, dammit.

And that’s it for tonight. You kids have fun psychoanalyzing me.

Editor’s Note: I never did get to Rome, sadly. Also, it’s funny how quickly things like this change. It’s been a little over a year, and apparently my answer to “What’s Obvious About You?” no longer applies. Now I’d probably answer “Something Most People Don’t Know” with the fact that I’m highly interested in Constitutional Law.  Also, I can no longer tell my favourite lie because I’ve been forbidden from ever telling a ‘Nam story again.


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