In Reality, No One Wants to Hear About my Life

February 16, 2007 at 2:56 pm Leave a comment

My efforts to blog daily are constantly thwarted by that strange and nebulous thing known as the “real world”. I was all set to get a nice, big post together last night, and, well, as you’ll see, things got in the way:

9:30 PM – Blogging postponed because I was invited to an Ultimate Frisbee match down at the school Cricket Pitch. In the dark. In the mud.

(To better set the scene, I’d like to remind you this is England in the dead of winter. Which means that it rains constantly. When I say “mud”, I don’t mean it was a little dirty, I mean the Cricket Pitch had literally turned into a mud-pit.)

The whole thing quickly degenerated into “try to grab the frisbee and keep it as long as you can before getting tackled” match. The fact that the frisbee glowed in the dark meant that whoever had it was an easy target. Very quickly, both I and the match itself got very dirty.

At one point, someone elbowed me in the ribs to wrest the frisbee away. At another, I leaped on someones back to tackle them, and they simple grabbed me by the arms and threw me forward. And of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without getting mud in my eyes.

10:44 PM – We call it a night, and on the way back to the dorms decide to stop in at the campus pub.

10: 44 + 10 seconds PM – We’re kicked out of the pub for being too dirty. Apparently they don’t serve our kind there.

After that, it was a quick hop up to the dorms to get cleaned up and changed into fancy dress clothes, because of…

11:30 PM – Weekly meeting of the “Excellence League” (not the crime-fighting kind of League). In the dead of night, over tea and snacks, we get together in the dark and hidden recesses of the castle to share written works in the form of readings. For example, Peter, the good chap who organizes all this, read to us from a children’s book he wrote called “When I Was Young” (which is awaiting publication). Lot’s of other people read poetry or short stories.

I myself didn’t have anything prepared, but I got up any and delivered a short improved speech/story to some level of success. The subject was one of the most melancholy stories I know, which I intend to one day reproduce here for your reading pleasure.

It’s all incredibly literary and fancy. Very British, despite the fact that none of us are. Lot’s of fun.

1:35 AM – League meeting adjourns, everyone goes home. Will I go blog now? No! I end up watching “Mission Impossible” and other films with fellow film aficionado Christian until 4 in the morning.

4:05 AM – Glorious sleep.

And that’s why I didn’t blog yesterday. I lead a very busy life*.

*The kind of life, it seems, that can go from tackling people in the mud to fancy literary tea parties in the space of half an hour.

Editor’s Note: This is another one of those days I forgot about entirely until I read this post. One of the great things about living at the castle was how there was always something crazy going on somewhere, if you were willing to go find it. Isolate a group of 180 people and they come up with some awesome ways to pass the time.


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