Wait…. What the Hell?

February 10, 2007 at 5:51 pm Leave a comment

Today was quite bizarre.

To offer a bit of a set-up, my Drama Professor is very odd. Like, odd to the point where he’s been known to give us exercises like “spend ten minutes walking across the room” and talking about how art deco gives him wet dreams.

Today, as part of a “practical workshop”, he split the class into groups, gave each gardening implements, assigned people characters from a play no one had ever read, and told us to spend an hour walking from reception to the Observatory.

Which is five minutes away.

The instructions were to spend the time creating the journey of our characters prior to the start of the play (which, of course, we had not read). What followed was absolute madness.

After standing around dumbfounded for a few minutes (“wait, what does he want us to do?”) we decided we better get in character, so we borrowed a wheelchair from reception for the character who has no legs, as well as blindfolding her as the character is supposed to be blind. Then we decided to go about collecting ‘supplies for the trip’.

After commandeering an abandoned tire, which we carried on the end of a garden hoe, we tried to ‘adopt’ a stray cat we found. When this failed we dashed back to the dorms, returning triumphantly with a stuffed animal. The dorms are the opposite direction from the Observatory; they are also at the top of a hill.

A “Wheelchair VS Tire” race was inevitable.

I won’t go into all the details of the events that followed, but they involved letting a blindfolded girl roll down a hill in a wheelchair, arguing over which of our characters “dies”, and nearly getting decapitated by a road barricade. I also had to chase our tire down a second hill, occasionally executing a flying-kick to right its course. I tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve outrun a speeding tire and kicked it multiple times just to show it who’s boss.

The quote of the day came when one of our garden hoes broke, and we had to decide whether to tell anyone or not: “they distributed many hoes today, no one will know the difference”.

I honestly can’t make sense of anything that’s happened today.

Editor’s Note: In retrospect, one of the best things about starting this blog was preserving memories like this. I have a pretty bad memory, and this is the kind of thing that would just fade away had I not written it down. Going through these old posts has really reminded me of a lot of incredible things I’ve done over the last couple years.


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